part 18 (2012/2013)


sonarisation, composition of sound material  for House of Snow
A Real Time Video and Sound Processing Application

A video of bees on a honeycomb structure. The movement of the bees trigger a real time score of text and sound. A layer of rendered scrolling texts about three very different temporal processes (by Stanislav Lem, J.W. von Goethe, Maurice Maeterlink) and a 4-channel audio composition based on material from „my gait“, a longterm sound study by katrinem about her own rhythm of walking in urban space are created by a number of set rules.

A piece about perception and time, – and the process of reading and understanding.
A small hommage to Buckminster Fuller.

Penelope Wehrli – concept, video, text adaption
Joa Glassetter – system architecture, implementation
katrinem – sonarisation, composition of sound material

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