SchuhZuGehör_path of awareness_tehran_3

SchuhZuGehör_path of awareness_tehran_3
part 37, 2016
02.10. – 09.10.16


Using Mohsen Gallery as starting point, a route is marked out: a path of awareness offering numerous opportunities to engage with Tehran city dynamics. Walking itself, characteristics of footwear, the walkability of Tehran, as well as its architectural and atmospheric qualities, are all thematized.

audio-visuel composition: This is a recording of my walk along the path with a pair of “soundful” shoes, binaural microphones and a headmounted videocamera. In postproduction I combine the binaural recording with stills or excerpts from the video footage related to the walking rhythm, so that the visual is more for orientation, the auditory for location in space.


A video of the path can be found on Vimeo:


The score for the path in Teheran can be downloaded here

The format SchuhzuGehör_path of awareness explores an individual‘s personal experience of space through walking, particularly the interplay between sound event (footstep) and surrounding architecture, influenced by the permanently changing interactions. In SchuhzuGehör the path itself is the destination. The main requirements are a moderate walking tempo, a uniformity of movement and a willingness to open the space of our auditory perception as wide as possible. If we allow ourselves to listen to our own pacing, we begin to discern clear [aural] thresholds —that is, transitions from one auditory space to another— and the smallest alterations of the space. The clacking shoes become soloists in the space, dialoguing with the surroundings and situating us in the space. At the exhibit, audio-visual compositions of this format are given by the works _braunschweig, _Midtown NY, _marseille, _mexico city and _strömstad.

The PDF of the exhibition is available in German (Download here), in English (Download here) and in Persian (Download here)

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