Part43_SchuhzuGehör_Path of Awareness_Belfast

Part43_SchuhzuGehör_Path of Awareness_Belfast
Sonorities Festival Belfast 2018, 17.-22. April 2018

‘SchuhzuGehör_path of awareness’ by katrinem is a guided listening walk that begins at QSS Gallery in Belfast and explores the surrounding listening spaces of Belfast.

WÀhrend des Festivals werden tÀglich guided walking performances angeboten. Eine Partitur lÀdt ein sich selbst auf den Weg zu machen.

Click here to download the score

‘SchuhzuGehör_path of awareness’ explores an individual‘s personal experience of space through walking, particularly the interplay between sound event (footstep) and surrounding architecture. The path itself is the destination. The moderate speed of pedestrian locomotion. The regularity of the step-by-step progress. The readiness to open up our auditory perceptive space.

A video of the path can be found on Vimeo:

Thanks to Elen, Tim and John!!

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